Release Notes - iOS

Version: 2.6984.0


  • Improve balances on coin screen to see your staked, locked and rewards balance
  • Native Staking for Cosmos (ATOM), Tezos (XTZ)
  • Add support for native Harmony (ONE)
  • Faster update for balances and coin pricing by using Blockatlas
  • Zcash Blossom upgrade



Version: 2.7001.0

Major Changes:

  • Improve Tezos Staking experience
  • Add Tron (TRX) staking natively
  • Add Kava (KAVA) support + staking
  • Add Algorand to Finance
  • Implement balance request batching to reduce number of requests to get up to date balances on coins and tokens.

Small improvements:

  • VeChain gas token VTHO now will show pricing, but might require wallet re-import to present balance correctly.
  • Include frozen balance of BEP2 tokens into total amount of value
  • Present ONG balance that is available to claim as a reward

Version : 2.7015.0

  • ONT Staking is now available. You can claim ONG rewards
  • Improved Deep Linking support
  • Improved user experience for UTXO based blockchains. Now auto change address is disabled by default to avoid confusion for the new users. You can enable in Additional Settings (you have to enable passcode first) to improve privacy.

Version: 2.7030.0

  • Add Coin/Token description and project website on the market screen.
  • Improve QR Scanner to scan URL, Payment URI and Deep Links, one QR scanner for all.
  • Add ability to hide balances for better privacy.

Version: 2.7040.0

  • Improve networking connectivity. If you had issues with sending payments or seeing latest balance, this should be improved, current issue was caused by changing DNS configuration on our end and caching old data on the iOS clients.
  • Add ability to press push notification to see transaction
  • Add lock time information for pending staking delegations.

Version: 2.7044.0

  • Referral Program is now live, bring more users to join Trust and get rewards!