Reporting bug for Trust Wallet app

I have been using Trust Wallet for a week now and I have noticed that sometimes the lock screen takes over and doesn’t move away from the screen. I have on screen finger print scanner and the phone needs to be restarted to kill the app.

This has happened twice already with Trust Wallet app and in my 7 months of using this phone, I never had an issue with any other app. I can share my phone’s specifications privately to help resolve the issue.


Well, if you can, next time record a video of it, please. If you want to contact in private drop a specification and link to this message to users with admin group label thru pm. You can find them via bagdes menu in your profile if look closely. And i tag here @vcoolish, maybe he will contact you here or on telegram.


Since February have I been using it and I’ve never noticed such. It actually might be your phone.

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I never noticed any glitch in my trust Walllet App . But if you are sure than you can contact Thier telegram support group.

I have reported issues to admins on Trust Wallet and they sent me here :blush:

My phone is Snapdragon 855 with 6/128GB. No other app has behaved this way that it needs restating for the past 7 months. So it is definitely not the phone

Hi there, the issue is the phone freezes and doesn’t gets past the lock screen for the app. It doesn’t accept the fingerprint or the pin as the option to punch in is not there. That is the reason phone needs restarting

Please see the video for the freeze. PIN stops working and fingerprint doesn’t gets you in. I have recorded the video but it didn’t capture the background and screen capture is not permitted
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Kindly screenshot trustwallet app settings version so that we can tell exactly which version is behaving this way cz i have always updated mine and i have never experienced this problem

this version 1.13.1 is stable.

I have never noticed any glitch on my phone… Contact to support regarding your issue

Yes all answere are here

Yet I did not face any problems like this

Hi, thanks for detailed report! What is your app version?

My version was 1.12.4 after upgrade now it is 1.13.1

What kinds of bugs u experience