Request for additional features

Please add contact fitur so we dont need copy address everytime we want withdraw
Please add notification if we received or send coin
Please add chart and recent trade for dex


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You can turn on your notifications in settings screen
And you also can see your recent trades on Exchange sxreen


Seen many “feature requests” in many posts, but of the few truly requesting :new: features or improvements, there are 2 topics I’ve seen requested frequently which I agree are seriously :+1:, legit :bulb:’s needed to keep this wallet competitive, which additionally would greatly improve my own Trust Wallet UX…

  1. Pls make a legit Dex UI or just scrap it in favor of letting users transact/trade solely via the dApp browser’s Dex options, as it’s current rudimentary design rates at what I’d consider no better than any retail level exchange app … Not sure if because of TW’s affiliation with Binance if the in-wallet Dex is designed to be lacking so as not to compete against Binance Exchanges, but one can’t be reasonably expected to utilize a trading interface designed without basic pricing functions such as updating of fiat equivalent price as a given bid/ask price is adjusted, a :no_entry_sign: more than a 5-line buy/sell order book & no live price :chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend: (candle or line style) to help track recent movements- while the latter can be circumnavigated by viewing the price charts of a given asset to see basic recent activity, without any volume metrics except for daily cumulative volume (rather than a basic depth chart, or even an interval style volume indicator built into the existing price charts), the wallet’s built-in Dex is difficult/unappealing to use in it’s current form, let alone to use it in any serious capacity.

  2. 2FA :closed_lock_with_key:… Most major non custodial soft wallets offer some added form of security. While I’d settle for OTP in the case of withdrawals, it would certainly increase my “trust” in Trust Wallet if I were able to use any common 2FA app (:no_entry_sign: only for otp function, but preferably notification based approval), if not an NFC/security key (ex Yubikey) to help secure access to the wallet generally & most def to approve withdrawals/other transactions.


Would be good to have the following added to Trust Wallet:

Candle Charts - Moving averages, Bollinger bands… etc

Percentage movements - Users able to set for Day, Week, Month, Year e.g. Year would be % moved over the last 365 days, so for long term holders they can see their overall movements instead of only the daily shifts which I personally ignore as a long term investor.

Tutorial Section for new Crypto users on how to buy and sell using Binance Trust Wallet, coins required for purchases, how gas prices affect purchasing and how to deposit and withdraw easily. Something to help new users onboard to increase scope of userbase.

FIAT partition holding where you can utilise stable coin to give users ability to select Fiat for easy bank withdrawl and deposit and allow users to utilise the internal wallet features to make payments and utilise crypto easily with their respective bank.

Banking notice reports. When a user wants to withdraw their crypto to a bank, this feature will allow a user to download a PDF of their crypto transaction history within their wallet for banking auditing purposes.

Making withdrawl easier for crypto traders who wish to trade in larger volumes which may get flagged by their bank.


Please add Google authentication. 2fa security is a must. There are way too many new wallets that are all using 2fa and way better safety.


Please make it so that if we view a coin we don’t own, it doesn’t automatically get added to the view in the main page. This is very annoying as we have to manually remove the coin from view. On top of that it clutters the UI.

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Kill switch fail safe.
If you die suddenly a kill switch timer (6 months+) will start counting down within your wallet
If you don’t click to reset all your crypto will revert to fiat and transfer to a joint bank account.
This would help investors who wish to pass on assets to non -crypto family members.

When you want to send a asset in trust wallet and you paste the address, when you haven’t amounts of that assets , you don’t see that eroor about your amount instead of this you just see this eror —>the address is invalid, and this is a little confusing for the beginners. They cant realize that what’s wrong

Do wee have any Browser Extension for TrustWallet? We should have one soon.

I agree for security of fundss and assets. I always wxperience stole of funds :frowning: its bit unsafe to use trustwallet