Requesting help moving LUNA and SCRT from Kucoin to TrustWallet

I need to withdraw funds from Kucoin. I have a remaining balance of LUNA and SCRT. When I try to withdraw LUNA, Kucoin says I need to use the Terra network. When I withdraw SCRT, Kucoin says I need to use the Secret Network. Does Trust Wallet support either of these? When I search for Luna in Trust Wallet I see lots of Luna coins but none of them on the Terra Network.

If anyone has any advice on how to get these into Trust Wallet I’d appreciate it. Furthermore, if someone has any advice on a different wallet I can install to receive these coins such that I can convert them to USDT so I can then transfer to Trust Wallet, that would be helpful too.

Please see attached screenshots for the Kucoin withdraw options. (unfortunately, I can no longer swap them on Kucoin itself. I can only withdraw at this point).

Hello @tahlsr
Trust wallet only supports LUNA classic and also doesn’t support Secret network

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Thanks for the quick response Tobi. Any ideas on where I can withdraw those coins to such that I can then swap them to a coin Trust Wallet supports? I tend to not like to keep to many different wallets at too many places.

@tahlsr Unfortunately I can’t recommend wallets or where to swap those as you’d need to do your own research.