Ripple XRP to BNB

My first post. I am a total noob, so please be gentle and verbose! :slight_smile:

I have set up my Trust wallet and moved some Ripple XRPs into it

For the life or me, I cannot figure out how to transfer the XRP into BNB so I can do some trading using the DApp functionality. I have tried Send and Receive with no results and the DEX tab does not seem to give me results. Is it possible to convert XRP to BNB? If so, how do I do this? If there is a handy tutorial link that would be awesome too.
Thanks for your help.

Hello @Cion,

Be informed that the native XRP cannot be traded to other cryptos using the app. You can only trade XRP BEP2 or BEP20.

You need to deposit it on an exchange like so you can convert it to other cryptos.

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Thank you for your help, @iamdeadlyz
I will open a Binance account.


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