Rose Finance -Trust Wallet

Hello there,
I have 96 Rof coins belonging to rose finance in my Trust Wallet and my rof coin balance is $930. When I want to sell the Rof coin on pancakeswap, the balance that is sent to me is very little money. What is the reason of this?
96 Rof = 1$ in Bep 20 Network

96 Rofs = $700 in Polygon Network

Trustwallet : iorcdj7.jpg

Rose Finance: Rose Finance price today, ROF to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap
Bep20 Address: 0xcd95b05ebe61244de4df9c2c4123920f016a06df
polygon : 0x10a716e0d771356a25dca180f27d2a48dafb80fd

My bscscan address: Address 0x4ef7c49cb8edae62f423281ff8aaf69275a40417 | BscScan
Trustwallet version : 2.7

Hello @Ozcanbayri this is not issue with Trust wallet but the token you are trying to swap. We are getting pricing info from CoinMarketCap and it is correct.

For your case, it seems the price calculated basing on polygon and that’s what CMC shows.

You can contact project team for this issue. We have nothing to do with it.

Did you get any solution…?
I am facing the same issue…!! and its really frustrating seeing no response from ROF team
While price on polygon network is high, pancakeswap is offering so little…!!

@Mayur0812 read my response above. This is not Trust wallet issue. You have to contact project team.