Rules of trading

Before moving forward Read this Carefully !!

Read it 50 times after reading u will understand why 50 times I am telling to read it and it’s worth

When I entered in trading Every body said No body makes money by trading All Lose

If all lose Where money is going

That’s what I was determined to find

Where money is going

Answer was Big player​:thinking::thinking:

Now after spending 2-3-4-5- years People are down with money

They got determined They won’t quit the loss

They learnt from some xyz trainer too

They read all books They saw all video too

But mind is filled with previous loss

They don’t get happy with 2-3-4-5 k profit every day

Because their 10 lac loss is there They believe it will take 2-3-4-5 years to recover When we will make

So they start gambling and lose more They forgetting one thing

U have spent 20 year to get a job of 20000 initially And here education is not important to u ???

Whatever u learnt in last few year

Nothing go waste

But ur Loss won’t recover In one day

But why u r forgetting one thing U have next 50 year

One lady I was talking with

She can make 5 k per day Easily. She said But my loss was 12 lac So I do more trade

Why forgetting U r 30 year old suppose 70 year u will be in this planet

Next 40 year Per day 5 k Equal to 12 lac

Next 40 year Minimum 5 crore to sure hai

After Losing money what u have learnt

A secret of a business which can give u money next 30-40-50-60-70-80 year Even in ur next generation

Where is the problem Forget the past

What u learnt is important

Tendulkar and lata Mangeshkar have not started making money from very first day

First 20 year they have learnt an skill

Then money started But Here we expect in 20 days

Moral of the story :point_down:

No loss will be recovered in one day

But u have next 50 year Don’t forget 90 percent trader lose more money in order to recover fast and This is a true fact

First 2 year I did not make any money

Because I was having something in my mind

If I learn this game even in 5-6-7 year

Then in Next 50 year What I can make

100-500-1000cr. Is it bad approach🤔

Bahubali movie took 6 year To be made 400 crore spent 6 years makers did not make a single penny Once movie released They made 2100 crore

Titanic took 7 year to be made Made 19000 crore worldwide

Can u imagine

One movie flop What happened to film maker

I always used to say

Trading and film Making is the most difficult profession in the world

So u guys are in the process of making ur Bahubali

If u believe in ur self

If u believe u r on right path

One day ur Bahubali will be released

And Money is by product U will get

Utnaaaaaaa Jitna pure khandan ne na socha hoga

Read it as much as u can

Even small profit means a lot… One more thing I would like to add i.e cut the big loss and the game is on…


best article so far… kudos to the writer.

Well detailed, interesting and very insightful

Long and lengthy the whole story is be patient and focus don’t do revenge trading and learn trading very well before embarking on trading crypto currency.