RUNE BEP2 can only send/receive, how do I swap?

I have had my Rune stored on my Trust Wallet for 2 years now and have found out more recently that BEP2 has been discontinued for RUNE, why has Trust Wallet not automatically integrated my token onto the new/latest network? AND more importantly, what can be done now as I see I can only “SEND/RECEIVE” but cannot swap my Rune Token? This isn’t right. Please help me


@anfieldkid Trust wallet is decentralized meaning only you have control over your wallet and that implies Trust wallet can’t automatically integrate your token to a new network.
Find an exchange that supports the bep2 RUNE and send there to swap it.

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The bitcoin is not available on my trustwallet address and I also checked it on blockchain explorer is not available but the usdt conversion to btc is already showing successful on etherscan,why is the bitcoin not credited to my trustwallet yet please get back to me as soon as possible it is more than 8 days since I initiated the transaction.

Transaction ID:


Receiving Address :


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