Russia bank set to launch it own coin

Since the ban placed on crypto in Russia has been lifted. A bank in Russia has made preparations to launch her coin.


This will have its cons and pros. Crypto adoption is inevitable. But this will in a way affect the whole reason of crypto…decentralization.
This might also give the central authority power on the coin too


Wow that is exciting, crypto now is getting famous like Covid-19 its unstoppable now and the world has inevitably adopting the use of cryptocurrency as future currency.


Exciting, yes. But it will be interesting to watch and see how everything develops.


As a bitcoiner from there, tell you short real story:

  1. There was no ban in Russia - just was no law, just like in 95% of other countrys there.
  2. This idea od make some stablecoin with russian ruble is not so cool idea because it will not bring more adoption, maybe even drop it a little more( This will in one hand build a bridge to crypto but by other hand it will force you to KYC and report about all your tx.
  3. Still there is some cool stuff in this situation, that much less spreaded - there is some sandbox cluster for blockchain fintech startapps under that bank, that can lead Russia to provide some more liberal laws in order to get some extra points as a country that can be blockchain friendly place (still doubtfull).
  4. Many Central banks (China, 1 bil users, as example) got expiremental crypto, so Russia in this move not the first line. Many doubts in elites and much lesser knowledge on crypto is making this space a risky one to invest for russians.