Safemoon Balance is wrong

Hi All,
I upgraded to use Safemoon V2 in Trust Wallet and converted the balance from V1. All good.
However, the balance in SFM seems way too low, although the £ amount seems about right. SFM went from around 75,000,000 before I switched to V2 (today) to around 122,481. Will this auto-adjust in a few days or do I need to contact Safemoon?

Hello @donjuan75 If you received less amount or not received at all it is better to contact SafeMoon project team for clarification on this issue.

I think this explains it quite well. I consolidated, which isn’t a 1 to 1 swap. In fact, the upgrade to V2 removes a few zeros

Check out the Reddit megathread of migration to V2. I can’t copy the link here, sorry