Safemoon coin not received

Hi, my friend sent me safemoon coin and the transaction hash was success. But the balance is not showing in my account. I tried all possible ways mentioned in troubleshooting, but of no use. Kindly help me recover.

Transaction hash

Contract address


i think there is an error, when i check in bscscan, it is said that 0x1a3057027032a1af433f6f596cab15271e4d8196 is a contract address of yellow road, and the safemoon sent are in this address.
Please verify your own bep20 (smart chain) address!

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Hi @iamdeadlyz
I think you are the right person to suggest a solution for my issue.
Yesterday i received safemoon coin but the balance is not showing in my account. Kindly help


Hi @nvimalraj1,

It looks like your friend sent the SAFEMOON tokens to the smart contract address of Yellow Road: 0x1A3057027032a1AF433f6f596CAB15271e4D8196. This also matches @marie’s response.

It is likely unrecoverable now. Though you may want to try contacting the Yellow Road admins or dev team and see if they have implemented such code in recovering tokens sent to the smart contract.


i have smiliar problem
Transaction hash

can somebody please help me

Hi there, got kinda the same issue.

Transaction id:

I did connect my trust wallet to pancake swap, and converted some BNB to SAFEMOONS.

the transaction was successfull but i cannot see any SAFEMOONS in the trustwallet.

If i go to pancake swap though i can see the safemoons.

Can anyone help me understanding what is happening please?

Kindly check with receiving address. In my case that was error. Later sorted

Hi iamdeadlyz
What u said was right. It was mistake on his part. Thank u

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I sent my SAFEMOON from BitMart to my Tust Wallet and have not received them yet. The transaction was successful from BitMart. Please help


Hi, just wanted to share that I have the very same issue. After checking a few times if the adres was correct, I clicked on send from my Bitmart account and it showed a successful transaction. But in my Trust Wallet it shows that I have zero balance. So we both need help…

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Same here, I sent safemoon from Bitmart to Trust Wallet yesterday. 12 hours has passed by and the status is processing from Bitmart with 0/25 confirmation. TxID has been provided but unable to be tracked.

TxID: 0x7565dcf0a62d33b5c5613afcd8632e543bf87aeffe7e69aa2fe6bc3c5189bf29

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Hey guys,

Yesterday is swapped my smartchain coins in for safemoon coins. I am now 10 hour later and I still didn’t receive them. The status is successful
It went from this address:


To this address:


Can anyone please help me out

Hello Please I Mistakenly Sent my Safemoon directly to my Binance Wallet, instead of Swapping it to BnB Smart Chain first before sending it to my Binance wallet, I just sent it directly and I haven’t received it in my Binance Wallet over 14hrs ago…
Transaction Hash 0xf03fe60ec2233648a1e7a8d812c8910caff9b828f721e0cce4e150c303b955a0

Contract Address 0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3

Recipient Address 0xd77b66b1dd280eec7e54c1b71da06c457fed1173

Watch out with safemoon, there’s topics going around that it could be a rugpull

Can u mention the transaction#. Coz i dint find any transaction from the address u mentioned


I have bought safemoon yesterdag with pancakeswap and trust wallet.

I got the messages that the transfer was completed but it doesn’t show up in my wallet. I have added the coin but it still says: 0 coins.

Also i can’t connect my wallet on pancakeswap. It says no provider found.

The transaction hash is:
0xb0ad0a12885554cbe3bb0506c27995a4b71a2849738cb36040a1377e7516d0d7 and it says:succes.

Please anyone help?

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hi i did not receive my safemoon coins too. can anyone help me? i followed the steps in youtube and successfully swapped using pancake swap but the coins didnt show up at trust wallet.

transaction hash

here is my transaction#


hey guys,

Till a few minutes ago i thought that is lost al my safemoon coins. but i found them
and i want to share with you how i found them.

1: open your trust wallet
2: click on the bottom right above in the corner ( here you can Search for Coins)
3: search for safemoon and activate the token.

you should now have your safemoon coins in your wallet.