SafeMoon disappear

I entered a send order to send all of my SafeMoon to my SafeMoon Wallet, the goal being to then convert those to SafeMoon V2. However, while I pressed the « max » button, Trustwallet only sent 0.000000001 coin which was received by my SafeMoon Wallet and the balance of my coins disappeared. This seems like a glitch on TW side since the coins sent were actually received on the other side. Oddly TRust Wallet also processed a smart contract call “approved:safemoon” for 0$ value.

Transaction hash: 0x183d2e70d407c7154d2bd2175acffdb2b43ddc85d509ba64316a3495c3cfbd23

Hello @MO123451 contact SafeMoon team for support. A lot of users complaining their SafeMoon tokens are burned when they transfer. This has nothing to do with Trust wallet. It is not a glitch either.

SafeMoon really robbing everyone’s tokens unless we read their twitter page on a weekly basis to know of the 100% tax? This is completely insane.

I will never do crypto anymore, ever. How can one feel comfortable putting money whe nthe rules of the game can change any second. Not safe.

There are many victims include me. Who care about their SNS in the end of year? This is the case to prepare a lawsuit i believe. They didnt give a clear notice. I think CEO is not in normal thinking way. They have to block the trade before.

Me too…is safemoon doing scam? I purchased with BNB and no safemoon token receive 0 (Zero)

@Cocon according to SafeMoon from December 29, any v1 token transfer will have 100% tax.

Read more here:

If you need more clarification, contact SafeMoon project team.

If 100% tax it is same as you give away your money. Its robbery…i dont think its legit token as what they do like pirate

I think we need to report proper sites such as ftc gov site Pls share if you know more sites


I just transferred over 500 millions safemoon deom Trust wallet to my safemoon wallet, but i only received 0.000000001 safemoon.



I dont know how you will get back to me. Please get back to me through ly email.

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@Pkaniki If you received less amount or not received at all it is better to contact SafeMoon project team for clarification on this issue. This is not Trust wallet issue.

Thanks Alan47.
Do you have safemoon contact?
This is alot of money to lose.
Thanks again.

@Pkaniki check their socials (on links section) on CMC: SafeMoon price today, SAFEMOON to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap