Safemoon doesnt show in my account

I have a issue with my account! I swapped smart chain for safemoon! After successfully i swapped the safemoon wont show in my account.
I have screenshots if someone need for helping me.


I actually have the same problem anyone can solve the problem? Do not tell me safemoon is a prank!

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hey! im not sure if ure new to trust wallet, but maybe u can do this:
open up the trust wallet app, in the token list on the top right corner theres a little settings button, u can paste the token id from safemoon in there (the same as for the swapping) and check if safemoon is enabled to be shown in the wallet, otherwise check if everything went correctly. (also sorry my english is not the best) greets

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I have little mistake , I have sent safe mars tokens to safemoon adress of other wallet lz me ??

Hello I sent SAFEBTC in digifinex but didn’t receive them though it’s status is successfully

I swap my safemoon and it doesn’t show in my account please can someone help me out

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If you go into you wallet in the top right corner of screen there is an icon two lines with circles in each, click on it.
When the screen opens type safemoon into the search bar at the top. When it comes up move the small slider next to the name to turn it on, it will now show in your wallet

Hey Guys,

Click on the top right corner basically where you can select tokens list to show on your main wallet area

Type this address 0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3

Check if it works. Thanks.

I have the same issue , did anyone get any joy?
I have added and allowed Safemoon but have a big fat zero balance in the safemoon wallet. Help!!

I just got mine to show by making sure SAfemoon BEP20 was set to allow.

I can’t even get my BnB transaction in my wallet though everything is approved😂

I did not show up for me either and I couldn’t find it under the “manage” button. But then I tapped the “Receive” button from the “Wallet” screen and found it there. After I opened the SafeMoon from the list to see the QR code it also showed up for me in my wallet. I hope this helps.

Here’s how I resolved mine, go to the settings icon at the top right and click on it. Then type safe moon on the search box. It will appear, then you enable it and it automatically shows up on your wallet

I have the same problem, but with a different token.
I have succeeded in SWAP and my BNB has decreased.
The SML token does not appear in TW, I have done it according to your suggestion, now the SML token has appeared.
But why do SML tokens appear only nominal without a price like other tokens?