Safemoon price does not update as on exchange?!

Safemoon price does not update on trust wallet as on the new exchange!!!

Safemoon price does not update on trust wallet as on the new exchange!!!


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Hi @gpredonzan,

Read this one:

The pricing data in the app is based from

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Yes, but CoinMarketCap is way off! SafeMoon site is showing .000003 and CoinMarketCap is showing .000004 . SafeMoon site is not showing it even hit the .000004 mark. This is a huge gap and makes it unhelpful to look at TrustWallet for accurate information.

I get that TRUST had safemoon on their platform well before being listed on Whitebit and Bitsmart but now that the exchanges are up and running they should sync the price. Its driving me insane looking at inflated dollar value in my wallet and having to remind myself i’m not that rich yet.

With that being said Safemoon has so much more potential and this live price discrepancy is creating “Dis” Trust and needs to be fixed immediately.

hey brotha, your last post is closed about you not being able to pancake swap BCH, did you ever find a solution to that? i have the exact same problem lol, useless bch sitting in my account and cant buy safe moon

Beside safemoon, i got the same problem with other new coins when transactions through Trust Wallet. All price is freezing or don’t show the $ money like BNBD

When it could be fixed soon?

My safemoon balance has been stuck at the same amount for over a week… how do we fix this?

Same here for bnbd… the token owner already put the token at asset repository and the token already registered at coinmarketcap and coin gecko.

Can u hell us?


Sorry , forget to give the address…