Safemoon tokens all disappeared from my wallet, it became asterisks (******)

On April 4, I transferred 1.46 BNB (about $500) via Smart Chain and Pancake to SafeMoon. I had 310.68MM Safemoon showing in my wallet on April 4. Whilst the balance was showing in the wallet (BEP20), the details of the transaction didn’t show on the screen (details of the outgoing transaction do show in Smart Chain). There was a very small amount of residual Smart Chain tokens (a few dollars) showing in the Smartchain balance.

On 9 April I checked my wallet and the balance for both Safemoon and Smart Chain were showing as **** - ie nothing there. I did not carry out any transactions in the meantime.

I tried re-importing the wallet but this ended up with the same result - ie no tokens in the wallet at all. I only have one wallet.

I would be very grateful if someone could advise how I go about restoring the SafeMoon tokens.

Thank you for your consideration.


@Paulmcg, it looks like you simply hid the balance. Follow this guide:

You were right! I tapped just about everything else, except the total balance. Thank you very much for you help - you are deadly!

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