Safemoon transection

Hi guys ibought some safemoon last night but it doesnt deposit to my wallet yet
Can you check this transection for me

Hi. I have the same problem. 2 hours ago I swap BNB with #safemoon, then I didn’t receive any safemoon on my wallet. I have no Idea. But your question seems to close to my transaction time. Maybe we have the same problem with network.

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Same problem i bought safemoon worth $28 but received 0 safemoon and now no response from trust wallet


I just checked some transactions in BSC. I found out that almost whole transactions faced with such a problem. maybe there’s a serious problem. again I have no Idea. I received 0 safemoon too.


Hello @Kinghosein @hazhir027 @Uma1505 according to SafeMoon from December 29, any v1 token transfer/ swapping will have 100% tax.

Read more here:

If you need more clarification, contact SafeMoon project team.

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Pls I used to the v2 to swap on pancake swap to safe moon and I have been waiting I got no safemoon in my wallet. Pls help me

Safe moon
Wallet address


Transaction hash


It seems you still swapped to V1 safemoon as your transaction hash shows you received 0 Safemoon tokens.