SafeMoon V1 to SafeMoon V2 in Trust Wallet Transferred without Consolidating

I transferred 963M tokens already in my trust wallet SafeMoon V1 to SafeMoon V2. My trust wallet states only SafeMoon V2 coins can be received. I didn’t consolidate them first, my mistake.
Crypto can be a pain if you’re not following Twitter feed of the updates and air drops as can miss a lot of things, I have missed the consolidation process.
Can someone please advise how I recover my tokens and get them back into the V1 Old BEP20 Version in Trust Wallet

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@264264 Please be informed that the SAFEMOON devs have implemented a 100% tax on their old token.

Refer here:

For further inquiries, please reach out to them directly.

Should I put tokens back in Old V1 Trust wallet consolidate them with Safemoon then put them back into SFM V2 TrustWallet

@264264 Please contact the Safemoon team regarding this.