Saving program in trust wallet

Do you agree if the trust wallet has a BNB or BUSD saving program like in BINANCE?


I believe that TrustWallet will give this features soon.

BNB and BUSD are Binance’s own currencies and if they are willing to extend the feature outside their platform then this may happen. One does need to consider the difference in operation of Binance and TrustWallet though. Binance is a Centralized Exchange and TrustWallet is a muticurrency wallet which is fully decentralised. If this kind of feature comes to wallets then it may as well be available on all BEP2 and BEP20 wallets as you can’t differentiate between wallet accounts on chains. The only way out is to link your Binance account and Trust wallet account and once you do that sort of whitelisting, your privacy is gone


Those are two different words centralised (binance coins) and decentralized (trustwallet).