Scam Alert on Twitter

Please be aware of the Trust Wallet clone account on Twitter. Be careful of Scammers all the time.


This Twitter account is a real Scam!
Please, people should beware.

Thanks for alerting the Community!


Dang… good thing I decided to visit here in the community and check… and was able to see about this scam going around in twitter using Trust team’s name…
That scam account suddenly followed me yesterday and DM’d me with this !

Screenshot_20201024-082414|230x500 I tried entering the giveaway link and twas too good to be true telling me I have won 15ETH… LOL. the site was asking for my phrase and requiring me to have atleast 1ETH in my wallet for verification. So I decided to verify if this is a real giveaway from TRUSTWALLET team.

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Thanks for the heads up!

Locking the thread so this will serve as a PSA to the community, cheers!