Scam site that should be avoided

Etherflyer. com is a scam site; please do not trade there. If you have not yet opened an account there, do not open one. The site does not let you withdraw funds. It does not provide the services paid for. It is now one big scam site stealing millions from everyone. We have sent in a complaint to CMC, Coingecko and Coincodex. We ask everyone to share the information on all their social media pages and get out the message that Etherflyer is no longer a trusted exchange, it is a scam site.

The official Etherflyer scam site is Etherflyer. com; this is the one listed on CMC. The other one (etherflyer. io) is the same, they are both scam.


I saw this information early in the morning on the official gruf channel for the Fuzzy One token project, and it was real


I can prove it that it is a scam site even I me was a victim by them when I deposited my 0.04 eth and went to another address which is not my EF ETH address.


yeah they have scam to get more profit … many investors and token projects have been victimized by them now

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Stay Safu, people. It’s a war, be prepared and alert.


Stay safe… thanks for the alert .

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Wow…we really need to be careful

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Thanks for your important information. It is essential to know for every crypto trader


Thanks for alerting other users… We should be very careful

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