Scams on Facebook

There is a page on Facebook
Airdrop TWT bounty and Airdrop TWT bonus.
They will share you photos and ask for your keys in order to claim bonus.


That is a very important observation. We all should stay safe and careful. Don’t share your private keys or recovery phrase to anybody

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Be carefull more scamer with trust wallet or binance profil

Asking for a key is an absolute scam. Don’t fall for that kind of antìcs.

That’s just it, Trust wallet or binance will never ask for key, they are definitely mean to scam people, people should just be careful this day

Best very careful not to realise your private key to anybody, they are scammers. Trust wallet or binance will never ask for your key in the name of claiming your bonus or whatever

Thanks for the warning.

Only a fool can believe, never give your private key to anyone.

That happens to me twice but I did not believed it. Though I tried it to open the link and when it asked me for my 12 keys I suspected it already as SCAM. So I ignored it.

whoever asks your private key is 100% scammer…! don’t be dumb ass none from the wallet or exchange will ask your private key…!

yea… they will share your DP and really fake page…

It is good that there is a discussion on this topic. Today I also received such a message on Facebook

They scammed me already

Don’t follow scamer,twt price up many people want free twt

Jep and page Trust-crypto wallet & probably many more. I reported them to Facebook like day ago, and page is still up & running. Advice to all trust wallet users, never ever uncover your phrase words. It can be misleading because it is not named password. If someone asked you for your password im sure you wouldn’t give it away. I lost a phew hundred € this way. So shame on me… I hope all the best for other users. And this topic to be exposed and visible as much as posible.

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