Secret phrase error message with 24 word nmemonic phrase

Hello. I have a working trust wallet on my old phone and want to import my multiwallet with my nmemonic phrase. I have 24 words. I did check for spaces capitals or any other mistakes but even with the words in front of me on the other screen and 1000 times double check I get an error message “1716 invalid nmemonic phrase”.

What can I do? I have the same issue with safepalwallet. Never have this before because normally this works with older phones. I have samsung s22. Could it have anything to do with that or some update from trust wallet?

This is just really strange. Someone have some idea what could be the problem?


Hello, check this guide: Cannot Import Wallet "Invalid mnemonic phrase" Error

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If you don’t read it you don’t need to give useless advise. Hopefully someone will read the text and come.up with a solution.

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Me too, man, I have the same issue. I have a recovery phrase, generated by app, 24 word phrase but it just don’t work and site, mentioned here - says that phrase is invalid. I’d tried to write to support, attached to them all informations, but they just ignore me. Looks like this is some huge fucking error (may be already fixed) in software and they don’t want to get responsibility for that. I’ve just lost my 3k$
(for new one wallet phrase is working fine, but money on the old wallet)