[Security] Bring the best security features from CeFI to Software Wallets and Defi

Bring the best security features from CeFI to Software Wallets and Defi.

1. IP and crypto Address Whitelisting
If your phone is compromised, reduces chance of hackers being able to withdraw your funds.

Only allow sending to white listed addresses
Or outgoing transaction requests from certain IPs

2. Yubikey required for sending transactions
or accessing seed key
or changing some key settings like whitelisting
Reduces risk of being held at gunpoint and forced to transfer your crypto against your will.

i.e. You are unable to make the transfer without your Yubikey which is at home,
Showing a clear screen “Unable to access without Yubikey” might help deter assailants)

3. Extra security steps required for “large” transactions
E.g. Require Yubikey and enable address whitelisting for transactions over $X,000USD
Strengthened security for large transactions only

But means can still use the wallet without restriction for small tasks
(e.g. buying coffee etc, signing smart contracts actions like compounding interest on defi etc)

Like or reply if you’d like to see any of these implemented!


No one else interested in Address whitelisting l and hardware key like Yubikey support (which can act as 2FA)?

That’s how large tech firms like Facebook ensure their employees don’t get hacked.

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