[Security] Simple multi-sig transaction approval using another phone

Simple multi-sig transaction approval using another phone

Using another phone connected to the same wallet,
sign a multi-sig transaction to add another layer of security.

This means, if enabled, you need to approve the transaction on two phones.
(Similar to how if you log in to a new device on google, it will ask you to confirm that on another device which is already signed in)

So if you are held up at gunpoint for your crypto, you cannot be forced to transfer out the crypto unless the other phone is also accessible (and that other phone would probably be secured at home).

Use case:

  1. You set on Trust Wallet for transactions over $1000 in value use multi-sig
  2. You select your other device to hold the 2nd part of the multi-sig key
  3. When you send a $1000 transaction on your main device, on your secondary device a pop up will ask you if you want to sign the transaction (using multi-sig)

Please like or reply to this if you want to see this implemented!


Additionally a function to input a password when withdrawal, would make me feel a lot safer. Should be simple to add as well as no extra cost to Trust Wallet (unlike 2fa/text/phone)


Please i want to create a multi signature wallet on trust wallet. Can you assist me with that?


Hello @Elmer223 Multisignature feature is not available on trust wallet. You can’t create multi-sig wallet using Trust wallet.


Please TRUSTWALLET SHOULD allow the converting of coin from one cryptocurrency to another without any fee, it will be appreciated for Trustwallet users to enjoy

Same here , I can’t and I want to create one for more security reasons.

This looks good …How do I create a multi signature trust wallet… I want to secure my wallet for so many reason.

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Looks good . How do i create a multisig account . We are integrating a payment system in a website we are building

Please i want to see this implemented. I wish to know how its done to peotect my wallet .

Do you know how to create one?
I use trust wallet but if i will have to create it in another wallet then watch my transactions in trust wallet. I don’t mind