Send BUSD to my general wallet address, is it lost?

I’m hoping someone can help me with this, as I’m at my wit’s end. The funds appear to be in my wallet, but I’ve no way to access them. I have my Trust seed phrase and the sender is also me.

Perhaps the problem is that the Trust wallet GUI defaults to the ETH network and there’s no way to switch to BSC Network in the app. I think I would be able to move it if that was possible.

The closest I got to recovering it was connecting to BSC with a Thundercore Bridge wallet, where BSC-Bep is a receiving trade pair, and I could see the balance there pop up in their DEX. But it doesn’t allow reverse trading.

I also can’t open the wallet with the Binance chrome extension because I don’t know my private key. That wallet doesn’t take seed phrases, only private keys.

Can an administrator fix this for me or walk me through the steps, pretty please?

Ethereum and Smart Chain addresses are the same, in this case BUSD (BEP20) and BUSD (ERC20) would have same address.

If you are in the owner of 0x6EeA8FF77F046c981521344dcD088f65aD4b144E address, you will see your funds available for the use.

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I have a balance of BUSD in my trust wallet but can not swap them for BNB or Smartchain. I have tried sending from wallet to wallet within trust wallet but you’ve taken a few of ETH and it says sent but the BUSD have not moved. Please please help. Thanks in advance