Send coins to another wallet

Send coins to a wallet or buy directly?

Here is the scenario and tested

3 family members

I have a wallet on my phone
Family XY member also has a wallet on their phone
Family XZ member also has a wallet on their phone

I have all three of wallets imported on my phone

I bought $50 of BNB and did the swap on my wallet

I received $39 of BNB

I then transfer $10 BNB to XY and $10 XZ family member

XY received jut under $10 ( it took less the 1 minutes to go through)
XZ also received just under $10 ( by the way it took like 1 hour to go through)

I then Swap to Smart Chain on XY and XZ

I then bought rocketmoon on XY for 124+ million and XZ for 126 million with 1.5% slippage BUT the dollar value amount saids $2.37 for XY ( still has .0007 BNB worth 0.37 cents) and XZ has a value of $2.62

Question: would it have been better just to buy directly from XY and XZ via debit card then to transfer?

Very costly and if someone could elaborate, greatly appreciate

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