Send crypto to a wrong address

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Hello @polinciong where did you get that address? Do you know the owner of the address?

That was my gift to my brother, but I sent to his old wallet that he never used it a long time ago.i am a new at Crypto i just started to invest a little due to pandemic i lost my job.please help me to recover my hard earned money. Thanks much

@polinciong if he still have access to the wallet he can send to his new wallet but if he has no access there’s nothing can be done, you may consider it lost.

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I believe you can help me to recover my crypto because the same thing happen to my friend and his crypto wallet management help him to put his crypto to his ERC20 account.please help me . Thank you

Yes Sir I talked to him he tried to open it.he said he saw the crypto is there but there’s no price how much the amount of the crypto and also he tried to send to his new wallet but didn’t worked.can you help me to send it back to me please

@polinciong what error does he get when trying to transfer? Send the screenshot of error, and the wallet address.