Send Tab not highlighted not able to transact

Hi :raising_hand_woman:t2:

Iā€™m new here but have been using TRust wallet For a few months .
However today I needed to swap WETH for ETH but I was unable to do so.
Using UNISWAP which connected to my wallet successfully with QR code I got sent the confirmation box to my TRust Wallet and then got a message as per below and the ā€˜ send ā€˜ box ā€˜ is not hilighted and I cannot do anything with the confirmation ??

Can someone help advise please ā€¦ ?

Hi @qwerty2 please do not open the Google form/link sent by @Eve02 he/she is a SCAMMER never share your private keys with anyone.

Regarding your issue wait for @iamdeadlyz the administrator he will assist you accordingly.

Hi @BongzJr, thanks for the heads up :handshake:

Hello @qwerty2, please use the DApps browser instead of WalletConnect. You can enable it by following this guide:

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Hi there :raising_hand_woman:t2:

Thank you for your reply and the heads up re scammers .
I have this morning followed your instructions . We restarted the I pad to clear anything on it and then followed the instructions you have kindly sent but as you can see below we are still hitting the same problem ?

We are using Uniswap V2 .

Any assistance would be appreciated .


It seems you are still using WalletConnect.

Please select the DApps button in the Trust Wallet app, look for Uniswap or enter its URL, then access it from there.