Send usdt (trc20) to another trust wallet (Usdt (trc20)

Today i have this problem. I send from my trust usdt (trc20) to another trust wallet (Usdt (trc20)) but nothing all Blocks was confirmed but nothing.
Admin if you see this pls write me on my Gmail – i need know where money

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Are you sure it was trc20 address and the correct one? beacuse it takes 1 minute in worst case.
For admin to help you just put this information in your post:
#Crypto address
#Transaction ID
#Further details about your issue



Check from this address i don’t get USDT but on tronskan its finished, chek my address recipient, and you see. Don’t see any transaction

Address recipient


Hi @Livsteel1,

Looks like your recipient got it already and sent it to a different wallet.

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Why you don’t chek address sender i send all, can you normally chek all? You see amount sent? You see what amount received, from another adress i received this money, and chek adress wha i send you, in the screenshot don’t see this address sender, but on tron scan you see transaction on this address to my account

Adress sender




Adress recipient


You see? On the screenshot don’t see this adress
But recipien this address
But on the history account don’t see this transaction

Check on the history transaction from this address

You will be see this transaction done. To this address


But on the screenshot don’t see this adress owner


I believe this is the exact tx that you are looking for: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

So where my 10 USDT WHERE HE disappeared

Its not this transaction but adress this, i do tomorrow morning transaction but don’t get anything

That’s the only USDT TRC20 transfer that has TAwrNUNxRSiDGqTeKRLD152UQfYXWSkuut as the sender and TSuHq889mXuBjWDXiGjQABhcosLvqzxHwZ as the receiver. You can check the link for your reference.

Oh fuck sorry but trust wallet your is lagging. Because on my account in trust i see i received i send

Give me your telegram i send screenshot problems ok?

You can attach a screenshot here

I can’t do this, don’t know

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