Sending CELO coins to Trust Wallet wCUSD (Wrapped Celo USD)

1- From my celo wallet on Binance,
I sent coins to trust wallet wCUSD (wrapped celo USD) wallet.
2- However, the coin does not appear due to incorrect shipping.
3- For transaction details:
4- What should I do to correct the mistake?

Binance my wallet: 0x343166693937148aead86decaf9876de12d2fa63
Trust my wallet: 0xFCC0977Ddb4B67562b38e7a27B7DA113e759Eb34 (ERC20)
TxID: 0xd3e818a9426ee004f3f175796376d82d6d6828cb8c257096ad219a8202e07e97

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Hello @elealmak,

You sent CUSD on the Celo Mainnet. Please be informed that sending cryptos to another address won’t automatically convert them to your desired crypto.

To recover your CUSD, follow these steps:

  1. Backup your recovery phrase (guide: How to Backup a Multi-Coin Wallet)
  2. Go to
  3. Select “Use Existing Account”
  4. Select “Use Account Key”
  5. Read and understand the warning. To proceed, select “I understand”
  6. Choose “Advanced”
  7. Select Ethereum
  8. Enter the recovery phrase that you backed up earlier
  9. Select “Import Account”
  10. Set your desired account password and create a backup (perhaps, via a password manager)
  11. Read the warning. To proceed, select “I understand”

You will be able to access your CUSD afterward.

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thank you,
really thank you so much.
I searched a lot and couldn’t find it.