Sending UST to another Wallet

Hi I want to send USDT ERC20 to another wallet using Trust Wallet . My Trust Wallet USDT is currently TRC20. Will Trust Wallet perform this send ?. Please advise .


Hello @Charlie01,
You would only be able to send out on the TRC20 network as that is the network your USDT is on.

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i cant send TRC20 to my binance

not even with the smallest amount, I need the money

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Hello @krynnfps
Can you explain what error you get when you try sending out?

the message is: You dont have enough Tron (TRX) to cover network fees.

I have 99 USDT TRC20, It won’t even let me send 1usdt when I’m 99usdt

@krynnfps You need TRON as gas fees to send out the USDT.
All transactions in the blockchain require transaction fees in order to be processed by the miners/validators.
These fees go to the miners/validators directly, not to the Trust Wallet team.
Learn more here:

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what is the solution here? What can I do to send myself those USDT?

i buy TRON to be able to pay the fees. And it stays the same


@krynnfps If you have TRON already, then you should be able to send your USDT out.

I have already solved it, thank you very much

I have $23 Tron and I tried to send $100 from my USDT account to another USDT but I got error message "failed out of energy " Despite the failed transaction my Tron account was still deducted for the transaction fee and I had $20 left on my Tron.

Please help out to solve this problem because I can not send money out from my USDT after many attempts and in each failed attempt, my Tron balance reduces.

Hello @ginko7
Can you try updating your app and try sending out again.

Am finding it hard to update the app now on my iphone 5SE, I got a message that my phone doesn`t support the update. how can i move my account to another phone or to my desktop computer?

What is the latest version of the Trust app? Because I have another phone that I can use to download the app again.

Hello @ginko7
Please check to download the latest version for your device.