Sent ADA to my wrong binance account address

I’ve sent 40+ ADA from my trustwallet to my Binance account using the same address ( Dex Explorer) it was sent from when transfered the same Ada from binance to trustwallet. It is now lost. Can you help me recover it? Thank you.

Hello, ricardojsbrito.
Hi Aradartarian,

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to reverse transactions. The transaction is already confirmed by the network.

The owner of the receiving address is the only one that can send your funds back.

We have no way to tell who that is, as we do not manage any user wallets.

Please be careful next time.

All my transactions from my binance account to my trust wallet account were sent from that same address i’ve sent my funds to, so, that address was suposed to be mine and yet the missing ADA doesn’t shows up at my binance account.

You can se that in the link provided where all the transactions show up.

Its is typical of crypto transactions.