Sent BAND tokens to an OMI token wallet

Hi I have a similar issue to Bitcoinaire

I have sent BAND tokens to an OMI token wallet.

I have followed all of the steps to recover the privacy key, accessed the section to import the wallet, but there is no option to import BAND tokens in the list of coins/ tokens to import

Any help would be gratefully received.

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Hi @Tricky_1,

Native BAND tokens are not supported in the Trust Wallet app. Please do your due diligence on which app to use in importing the private key.


Thanks for such a swift reply. Does that mean that there is no scope for the tokens to be recovered as Binance says the transfer was successful and there is an acctual Band wallet in my Trust Wallet.

Sorry Iā€™m very new to this

You have mentioned that you got the private key already. So you can recover it by importing to a supported wallet.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated

Just noticed this article on Binance which specifically says that BAND is supported on trust wallet

Native BAND token is not supported. Only ERC20, BEP2, and BEP20.