Sent BNB to binance but couldn't receive because didn't have funds to pay fee. Operation cancelled. Need to retrive BNB to my trust wallet

Hello everyone’s who willing to help. I have transferred some BNB from my trust wallet to my own binance account but couldn’t receive it there because I didn’t have funds to pay the transaction fee (0.001 BTC that moment), so I had to cancel the transaction. I thought the BNB was going to go back to my wallet but it didn’t. Now I am trying to retrieve it from the network but failed miserably. Even following some troubleshooting guides here, but I don’t think any apply to that specific issue.

My Trust app version is 6.18 (540)

My wallet address is:


Transaction Txid/TxHash:




Hello @Arunachala_brasil, Please contact the customer support of Binance so they can assist you with this issue.

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Hi JennyMillan!
The binance support is asking for TxId for the transfer with a “0x11…167” format and I can’t find it anywhere! Can you help me out? They said that is proof it was sent. Also, they asked which network I sent it from and I am not sure to be honest! How can I know this through the Trust wallet?

@Arunachala_brasil You sent the BNB on the BEP2 network.
This is what you need to send the Binance team; click the link below and copy that.