Sent BTC to my wallet, balance is fine, but why are there transaction fees based on the tx history?

Hi Lms1988

I’m a newbie and not allowed to create my own topic - I hope it’s ok that I post here my question concerning transaction fee’s :slight_smile:

Hi guys
I’ve send 0.007 BTC from my kraken accout to my trust wallet. Kraken took 0.00015 BTC fee.
I got 0.00685 (0.007 - 0.00015) into my wallet. Everythig fine but it the history the wallet shows me a transaction fee of 34,00€??? What does this mean???

I’ve an older transaction of 0.00318 BTC (less than a half of 0.007) and there the fee is 164,34€!!! for transmitting about 150€???
My wallet balance is now ok: 0.00685 + 0.00318 = 0.01003 but what about the transaction fees?

Thank you for your help.

Hello @gregellwood,

The BTC network fees were paid by Kraken, not you. Transferring BTCs requires network fees, that are charged by the miners. Since Kraken is a centralized exchange, they automatically deducted the fees in your balance during the withdrawal, just like you mentioned.

There is nothing to worry about it. It is normal.

thank you for your answer - yes, this is right and fine
but what about the transaction-fees in the history?

I am not allowed to upload any photos or links so I cant show you a screenshot.

But if I klick on “bitcoin” and than in the next window on “transaction received”, there is mentioned a “network fee” of 164.02€ for transmitting btc worth about 150€???
:frowning: :question:

Thank you.

Kraken paid for that one since they sent the BTC to you. You, as a receiver, were not charged with the said network fee.