Sent busd-t to a usdt address, need help

Hello, I have a similar issue. I sent busd-t to a usdt address. I am able to see the transaction and funds on a watch wallet only but I need to retrieve the funds. Please help?

Hi @natewins,

To clarify, do you have the recovery phrase or private key of that USDT address?

The wallet I sent to (Voyager) doesn’t have phrase or keys. Is there a third party app I can use to recover?

Hello. I have just about a similar issue. I sent busd-t to usdt and I’ve not received funds for three days now. Please help.

I have the same problem. I sent BUSD to a BNB trust wallet address. It’s not showed up yet. Can someone please help? Thanks

Hello! By mistake I did the same thing, i sent $50 BUSD-T to a USDT adress. How can a I get that money back?

Hello! If i do have the phrase of the USDT address i sent my BUSDT, is it possible to get the BUSD-T back?

No one will respond to help and resolve this issue. My wallet doesn’t have private keys yet so I can’t restore it smh

@Anagironq, if you do have the correct recovery phrase for the recipient wallet of the BUSD-T, then yes, you can retrieve it.

@natewins, in that case, you may consider it as lost. Only the Voyager team has access to the wallet. Be careful next time and triple-check things first before transacting.

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