Sent BUSD-T to wrong Smart Chain BNB address

So I originally purchased Ethereum on Binance to transfer to my Trust Wallet but it came over as BUSD-T. I tried to send it back to Binance but I needed BNB to cover fees. I transferred enough from Binance to swap the BUSD-T to Smart Chain BNB then tried to send it back over to Binance. At first it was just stuck and wouldn’t do anything, so I Googled how to cancel the transaction by sending it to your own wallet with a higher gas price.

I sent it to the wrong address and I don’t know who to contact to refund it.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Hi, @m4ntis transaction already confirmed, there’s no way to cancel or reverse. The only way to recover is if you know the owner of the destination address ask him/her to return.

Thanks for the response Alan, sadly I do not know the owner, the address I can only presume is some sort of transfer account used by Trust Wallet. I accidentally copied the address from the stuck swap from BNB to smart chain BNB when I adjusted for gas price and I mistakenly thought it was mine.

I was trying to follow this guide (/pending-stuck-transactions/126) but I failed, oh well a lesson learned I guess.