Sent coin to trust but not seen for some days now

Sent coin to my trust wallet but not seen for some days now, please I need solution, I even confirm from the sender, they show proof of transaction successfully

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Hello @19995 To better assist, please send the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

  2. Crypto wallet address (press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot of the QR code, and attach it here. Also copy and paste it in plain text)

  3. Transaction hash or link (if you have any, please copy and paste)

  4. Further details about your issue (please explain what you were trying to do)

  5. Screenshots of the wallet (including errors or missing balance)

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At where particularly will I send my complain…it is chocking me like seriously.,… please moderator, direct me on how to write my complain

@19995 I asked you to reply this thread with the details asked on my reply above. Send the details here so as we can look on your issue.

Ok let me attach it

@19995 I asked some details on my previous post above from number 1 to 5. Send the details asked please, Including your wallet address and transaction hash in plain text too (copy and paste here).