Sent ETH to an exposed mnemonic phrase


Learning and trying to understand block chain by the hard lane (building and using the C++ trust wallet-core framework), I just bought about 20$ (0.0433 Ether) of Ethereum,… but by mistake, I sent it to the wallet given on the example source code. :sweat_smile: :rage:

secretMnemonic = TWStringCreateWithUTF8Bytes(“ripple scissors kick mammal hire column oak again sun offer wealth tomorrow wagon turn fatal”);

The transaction was :


Does this amount benefit someone deserving?
(a developer, a moderator, …)
In which case it is good like that.

If not, is it possible to recover this amount?

If not, is this amount permanently lost in limbo?

Thank’s in advance for an answer.

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Hi @charly61,

That mnemonic phrase can be seen by everyone, since, it is public documentation:

Someone already botted that wallet since they took those ETH by the time you sent it (and it is not possible to reverse the tx). Please be careful next time, stay SAFU!


Please DO NOT use this wallet anymore. NEVER EVER Share your Seed phrase or Mnemonic phrase

Like this anyone can access now. Create a new one and stay Safe


Hello @iamdeadlyz, @vipul19,

Ah yesss,… obviously !
The first who see a such transaction has only to transfer the amount to his address. :joy:
It was a lesson, little “expansive”, but a good lesson. Thanks !

Apart from that, this software “trust wallet” seems very very well.
I am happy to learn about it, especially regarding the exchange of crypto currencies.
If it works like I think, it gives all the sense of the blockchain technology.

Still tanks,