Sent my BNB to Binance, but I can't see it in my account

I thought also to withdraw BNB from Binance and buy safemoon and after while I decided to send back these BNB to my Binance account but unfortunattly I didnt get any BNB from Trust wallet. I must also say that I deleted my Trust wallet account. When I made another account I dont see any thing and I dont know where are my BNB.

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This is from Binance to Trust wallet and i have received that but the second one which I sent back to Binance it doesnt show me anything.

@Talha123, do well to contact binance to assist you.

Maybe you selected the wrong network during deposit or you didn’t use the Memo ID for deposit.

Thank you very much for fast replying.
I am new and dont know how to do, what do you mean exact?

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Thank you very much for fast replying.
I am new and dont know how to do, what do you mean exact?
You mean that I sent to wrong adress because it dosent show me any BNB in Trust Wallet and also nothing in Binance account.

You probably didn’t use the memo ID binance gave you for deposit, hence you will experience delay in receiving it.

Kindly contact Binance support with details of the transactions.

Hello again,
Thank you very much!
I dont know why it shows two times if I hade just 0,4808 BNB and I tryed to send two time because of confusing.

I have cheaked in Binance but it shows that it Withdraw but doesnt show that I deposite back. I am still trying to get back my BNB. I dont know how is it possible to be the same transection numb as you see in photo.

Looks like you pasted their deposit address as your withdrawal address. Contact the customer support of Binance so they can assist you.

Thanks for advice.
I will try to get them but it is very difficult to find someone to solve this problem.
Thanks again!

I dont know why it sent two times even if I hade just 0,4808BNB. You can plz see above in photo, thanks.

First tx, you sent it to yourself, nothing was sent out:

Second tx, you sent it to the Binance deposit address, without memo:

As stated earlier, you need to contact the customer support of Binance so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

Hello iamdeadlyz,

Thank you very much for your assist.
I have tried to much with different video to sent them but it doesnt accept it, I dnot know why.
Can you plz tell me which kind og video they need?
Thank you in advance.

Sorry, I have no idea about that. Please talk with their customer support directly.

They want from customer to login on their site and do all procedure.
Here can you read, how does it work. I couldnt find someone to connect with.

Based on the screenshots, it looks like you need to upload a video recording while doing the instructions that they have mentioned (like by opening the app, showing the transaction history, etc.).

Also, you need to select Personal wallet, since Trust Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, not Platform wallet.