Sent my elongate tokens to my binance app

hi . just seeking for help. i send my elongate to my binance app but seems to lost my token. but the transactionnis successfully sent. but i cant see it in my binace app.

Hello @jm_19,

Please contact the customer support of Binance so they can check if it is still recoverable or not.

can you send me their customer support? i dont know what to do because i am newbie…thank you

i remember it now clearly … i send my elongate from trust wallet to bnb address in binance app.

Binance does not have elongate, your tokens could be lost so you have to contact Binance costumer service.


hi i i try to do recovery asset in binance but i it always does not match the deposit amount… when i try to put usdt token the amount also does not match same with bnb the deposit amount does not match… i try to search elongate on the token/coin on but there is no elongate as i expected… can yoh please help me…

and also there is no elongate their… i also try to use the personal wallet and follow the steps and still not match

Hey man i just spent 800$ on elongate same thing happened to me im so pissed and angry that the funds didnt come to my wallet in bianance, did u get anywhere?

Why doesn’t stupid bianance have a number like normal businesses, asset recover platform does accept my information. I don’t know do they have an email or anything else to help me?

i think its unrecoverrable man. i try everything to contact them. i try all the possible thing to do but its a wastenof time