Sent nft to exchange

Hi - I did something really silly and I hope you can help! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post it.
I tried to send my pancake collectible on Trust Wallet to my pancake wallet on coinspot. It got sent because it is not in Trust Wallet anymore but it didn’t show up in my pancakeswap wallet on coinspot.
Is there anyway to get it back?

Please contact the customer support of coinspot so they can assist you with the deposit issue. If they are not willing to recover the crypto or credit your account, then, unfortunately, you may consider it as lost. Please be careful next time and triple-check before transacting.

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Hi - I have contacted them and they are helping me locate the transfer. They have asked for the transaction ID. Where do I find that?

@Jamesbeavis scan your BSC address on , locate the transaction you’ll see transactions ID.

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Hi - Coinspot have asked for a screen shot of the transaction from my wallet because the screenshot I sent is from the block chain and as it is publicly available they cannot use this to verify my transaction.
How do I show the transaction in the app so I can screen shot it?

@Jamesbeavis app doesn’t show transaction history for the NFT transfers. The only way to find transaction history is to use bscscan.