Sent Para Inu tokens to Coinbase but it is missing

I transfer my PARAINU coin from Trust Wallet to Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet show completed status, but my Coinbase Wallet not receive the coin. Try to open a ticket but Trust Wallet website failed and unbale to open a ticket to check the status. Are the PARAINU coin is a scam?

My Wallet Address 0xae1319d4985e8e7016f327b81320d68ce2371b74

Transaction Hash

Anyone can help? Trust Wallet already deducted the coin, but Coinbase Wallet not yet received.

Thank you.


Hello @kmgoodluck looks like your tokens have burned during transaction that’s why it shows 0 tokens transferred on explorer.

I don’t know what happened, you need to contact parainu token team for clarification on this.

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