Sent SAFEMOON to my Binance deposit address

Hello everyone,the problem is it that i make profit from one cryptocurrency (SAFEMOON) and i withdraw it directly from the Send button to my binance wallet but i don’t recieve the money or anything!

I follow the bsscan linka and i found out that the money are send to my adress on binance but in trust wallet account with the same adress? Or it was a new generated wallet i dont know,i cant refund it from the ‘refund guide’ because there is no safemoon coin to choose to use the private key so what i can do now,is it loss??

Hi @EDimitrov,

SAFEMOON is not listed on Binance. You need to talk with their customer support directly and check if they can still recover it for you.

Hi @EDimitrov ,
Did you manage to recover your SAFEMOON token?
What does the support told you?

The same, I sent to an Ethereum address from Binance at it disappeared from my wallet and don’t know how to recover it. The address is not likely to belong to anyone. Did they reply to you?

Hi, could you clarify about this;
If the address I sent is for ETH on Binance, did they receive it anyway?
Can they cancel it or can trust wallet cancel?

Many thanks!


Confirmed transactions cannot be canceled nor reversed. Thus, the Trust Wallet team cannot do anything about it. You need to talk with Binance’s customer support. If they are not willing to recover or credit it (since it is not listed), then, unfortunately, you may consider it as lost. Triple-check next time before transacting.

Hello Please I Mistakenly Sent my Safemoon directly to my Binance Wallet, instead of Swapping it to BnB Smart Chain first before sending it to my Binance wallet, I just sent it directly and I haven’t received it in my Binance Wallet over 14hrs ago…
Transaction Hash 0xf03fe60ec2233648a1e7a8d812c8910caff9b828f721e0cce4e150c303b955a0

Contract Address 0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3

Recipient Address 0xd77b66b1dd280eec7e54c1b71da06c457fed1173

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I did the same thing by listening to some stupid guy on youtube and now I need help to retrieve my Safemoon

You have to convert safemoon to another token that’s supported by binance then transfer to binance once converted.