Sent UBT to Wrong address in trust

I used coinswitch and clicked wrong address sent UBT to REN address in my trust wallet can it be retrieved

Are you referring to this token?

Both UBT and REN are ERC20 tokens.
So they both share the same address as your ETH address.

Yes unibright is the token I bought but sent to my REN
Address in my trust wallet

What is your REN address?
Or you can also give your ETH address.
We can check this on Etherscan to confirm what tokens you have.

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Actually now I went back to double check I don’t know what address it is I sent it to so sorry I am gonna have to do more digging what address it is. Thanks for prompt reply

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Hi can anyone help me please!? I’ve been tryin to retrieve funds and am struggling to get help
I have sent 1.7 BnB to incorrect address the coins are showin but I have tried everything to get them back please help

Hi man can you give me some advice please?
I sent 1.7 BnB to wrong address and I’m struggling to get it back :weary:

If you do not have access to the receiving address then there is no other way to get the funds back.
As unfortunate as it is, cryptocurrency transactions are designed to be irreversible and we have no control over them.
Knowing this, it’s extremely important to make sure your transaction details are correct before you click send.

Hi Team,

I have sent CVNT tokens from trust wallet to Huobi exchange platform using wrong deposit address. Instead of giving CVNT deposit address from Huobi, I gave BTC deposit address. Could you help to recover my tokens. Please let me know what details you need to help me.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Zach.

I mistakenly withdrew Vechain (VET) from Binance to my Travala (AVA) address in Trust Wallet. Can i retrieve them? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

Here attached in the Travala address, the transaction ID from Binance, a screen shot of the version of Trust Wallet i’m using:

Binance transaction - 0x2e67e420fbead5629770f8b504cc6e00bde3d3a30d2be392b48aadf7b90777c0

Travala address - 0x2432EA2268FA863520bA45fc492C26346414Ca73

Trust Wallet version - 1.28.0

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For clarification, you sent CVNT tokens to Huobi?
Do you have a transaction ID or hash for this transfer?
Please be advised that we have no way to reverse transactions.
Once the transaction is confirmed, it will be irreversible.

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Please be careful when withdrawing your tokens.
Make sure you are using the correct address and network.

To get you VET back, you need to get the ETH Private Key.
Follow this guide:
Once you have the ETH Private Key, you can import it as a VET wallet.

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Hello I think I had the same issue of sending my transaction to the incorrect address and not my Trust wallet. Could someone pls help me figure out if any of the BNB is recoverable?? Thank you




Contract [0x3b831d36ed418e893f42d46ff308c326c239429f]
PanPancakeTools: TCake Token)

I was attempting to swap some of my Pancake tools to my BNB trust wallet

Hi I need your help, I have made a mistake in trust, I wanted to send som FairEclipse coins to Smartchain and instead of swaping them first I send them directly to my smartchain address in Trust Wallet, the coins are still showing there but I want to recover them can you help me please?

Thanks for your quick response Zach. I did try to navigate this page already but it’s a little confusing and i’m pretty keen not to make any more mistakes.

I’m currently at the stage where i have to use the BIP32 Derivation Path as Travala coins aren’t listed…

So i use the value for the Derivation Code next to ETH, i copy the Private Key code from the 1st line (right hand side) and then to import it, i just go to Trust Wallet… go to ‘Settings’, ‘Wallets’, then to ‘I already have a wallet’… and then select VET and then paste the ETH Private Key code into there and confirm?

Then, should my missing coins just appear?

Apologies for the long message… i’m just trying to get this right so i don’t go wrong again. Thanks

We have no way to reverse this.
Most likely the tokens are lost.
You can check with owner of the token contract if they can still assist.

Please provide more specific details as we have no way to accurately know the transactions you are referring to.

Follow the guide, it is pretty straight forward.
You will know if you did it correctly if you see the receiving address on the list.