Sent USDC ETH to USDC ZKsync era network

I’ve sent USDC on Eth network to Trust wallet to USDC on ZFsync era network. Is there a way to recover my usdc or are they lost?
Id tx: 0xdc28a732950ca7353c85fd12e0e37f0bf5aef991237ab9f5160f8e1d61b08184


@Verok33 Since you sent USDC on the Ethereum network, you will receive on the Ethereum network.
Please add the USDC on the Ethereum network in your wallet manually.

There is Usdc on Eth network in my main wallet, but the funds is not there.

I got 2 wallets - the main and the ZKsync Era wallet. I sent USDC using Eth network to the USDC address on ZKsync Era.

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@Verok33 You need to import as an Ethereum wallet first then or Multi coin wallet.

Tobi, I imported USDC on Eth in Multi coin wallet(Main wallet), but the funds are not there. Maybe I did not explain it correctly. I sent USDC on eth network to the USDC address on ZKsync era. I also sent the screen shots and transaction id - is there anything you can do?

@Verok33 ZKsync era and Ethereum are both EVM based and have the same address hence your USDC was received on your Ethereum address.
Check the explorer also:

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So why it does not show in a wallet?..maybe some additional steps needs to be taken? Balance of usdc on eth in my multicoin wallet is zero.

Tobi, is there anything I can do to get access to my usdc? The transaction showed as received, but it does not show in the wallet. I am not allowed to upload a photo unfortunately.

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@Verok33 Can you import your wallet as an Ethereum wallet like I said above.

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