Sent USDT with BSC but not support!

Hello, i made a transfert to a wallet in BSC but it is not support by the wallet (zengo).
The transaction is well complete and it is the right adress but wrong reseau.
I asked Binance and the support told me to try to recovery the money with Trustwallet.
Unfurtunaly, Zengo don t work with a private key (work with Google and recognize by face and finger).
Soooo i m lost! I don t know what to do. I saw here a possiblity to try to recover it with the situation that we use a wrong public adress… but i don t know. In my case, this is the good adress :frowning:

Help me please.


Hello @Marehh
You need to contact the receiving wallets support team for a guide.

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Already done. They have no solution for me until BSC is not support by their platteform.

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Hello @Marehh try this :

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Hello, like i said there is no private key with Zengo :confused:

I don t know what to do!

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I’m so lost, do you have a problem with Trust Wallet or their application?..

No with Zengo, but the support of Binance told me that maybe i can recovert the money with Trust Wallet because it can work with BSC transfert.

At know, i have just an adress in the wallet of Zengo where is my money but like Zengo don t work with BSC transfert they can t put it in my wallet. Unfortunally Zengo don t work with a private key, so i can t syncronise it with Trust wallet.

To be honest , we can’t help you maybe you can try this , import your Zengo to Trust Wallet Your coin should show up if it does not we can’t do anything .