Separating contract addresses

I have two different tokens that changed contract address, but all of there tokens are together in the same place(like v1and v2) … how do I separate them?

Hello @Burgess123 you have to contact your token’s project team for support on how to go about it.

Ok…here is another question along those same lines…when I transfer from wallet to wallet, it puts them into two separate places…how does trust wallet know which tokens are for which contract?


Can you help me separate tokens that are in the same account if I have the “old” and “new” contract addresses

Hello @Burgess123 if there’s two tokens, old and new that means they have different smart contract and they will not sum up. If you received and the balance updated on the same old token that means you received same old token from old contract that is already existing in your wallet. You have to contact support of the token for directions on how to swap to new tokens.