Shib BSC to Shib Erc20

Hoi , I want swap my shib bsc to shib erc20 on trust wallet . I send shib bsc address to shib erc20 , now i can’t see my money of shib in my balance on trust wallet . I send a ticket en explain my problem to trust wallet costumer service , but no answer yet ?
Best regards , Omar

@Ashy007 Your BEP20 and ERC20 address on your Trust app are both same so if you have sent BEP20 SHIB there, it is still on the BEP20 chain and you only need to add it manually.

Thanks for replay , I don’t know how ?
I did , but i can’t see my balance on Shib ERC20 address .
Rgds , Omar

@Ashy007 Can you provide your receiving address.

Here is my receiving address:

@Ashy007 This is the SHIBA contract address and not your receiving address.

U are sure right
This is receiving address : 0x91c547F4B68CD603Af7714444D297E908c7d3986

@Ashy007 This is your SHIB already sent out

Do you recognize the transaction ?

Yes sir ,
I know , but ican’t seeing in my balance on trust wallet in Shib ERC20 , is zero balance ?

@Ashy007 Of course since you already sent out your SHIB then you’d have none left or is there a part I’m missing ?

Sorry , i’l send to u photo’s to see , What happend ? . I’m really don’t understand
Best regards

@Ashy007 There’s no need to send a screenshot, you can check on the blockchain explorer to see your transaction list.

i do sir , but there is something wrong . i don’t understand them . maybe if fcu see screenshots , u will understand , what happen ? Is crazy man that customerservice of trust wallet not response to my email .
can see the money in shib bsc , but not in my balance

@Ashy007 If you didn’t authorize the transaction out, then that means your wallet is compromised and you need to create a new one immediately and stop using the compromised one.