Shiba Inu dollar value is not showings

When will this Shiba Inu issues be resolved as time is really ticking, and nothing has been done since then by ur team of engineers…
I can’t transfer my shib to Binance wallet.
I can’t swap my shib with other coins.
The value of shib is not showing.
Please help out.

Hello @Chidexman we’re working on pricing display issue. But there’s no issue on sending or receiving Shib. Can you send a screenshots of the errors you are currently facing when try to send?

Also provide:-

  • App version
  • SHIB address
    -Transaction hash (if you have).
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App version 1.30.8
Shib address : 0x18AFe120E503dEF478e490Fa70A8056dfe95637a

Still, I can’t see any error there. You said that, you can’t send to another address (Binance in your case). Send the screenshot of the error message when trying to send to Binance.

Hi I have the exact same problem. When I bought DWEB on uniswap. I can see the amount of coins but I can’t see the dollar amount. I tried sending 50 to my other wallet and the didn’t arrive. Have you solved your problem? Please help.

Hello @Elic173 about pricing, check this article: Where Does Trust Wallet Get Coin Pricing Data From?

What is your address and transaction hash for lost transaction.
Where are you sending to and from?

This was the message I got when I tried to send the shib to my Binance wallet